Friday, August 14, 2009

How Many Times Forgiven?

2010 years ago, man brutalized and murdered Jesus. They were forgiven. Now man is at it again, albeit not in such a violent manner, as yet. And it's not just Jesus they're after although He is a preferred target.

While the Left in this country insists that there is no "war on God" - even as they continually attack anything to do with Him - they also fallaciously repeat the claim that the constitution erected a wall of separation between church and state. There is no such wall except in the imaginations of those who wish it to be.

Along with the deteriorating state of our society, America is now engaging in religious persecution and, in this case, prosecution. Ironically, this is the very thing the Founders sought to prohibit by their constitutional intent. How the liberals have bastardized the words.

Case in point: In Pensacola ,Florida, a school principal and an athletic director are facing a $5,000 fine and up to six months in prison. Their "crime"? They said "grace" at a luncheon, one at which there were no students present, according to one report. According to the article in the Washington Times, the school district had settled a suit - filed by the ACLU - out of court, agreeing to a variety of demands by the organization, one of which is chilling. From the article:

Mr. Staver said the district also agreed to forbid senior class President Mary Allen from speaking at the school's May 30 graduation ceremony on the chance that the young woman, a known Christian, might say something religious.

"She was the first student body president in 33 years not allowed to speak," he said.
"A known Christian"? That sounds like the disclosure of a criminal or otherwise sinister affiliation. And the ACLU wanted her banned from speaking on the chance that she may "say something religious". Excuse me, but aren't the two middle letters in their acronym "C" and "L", standing for Civil Liberties?

Twisting the intended meaning of the Founders words to fit an agenda diametrically opposed to those very words is bad enough. Locking people up for daring to utter the name of God or his Son is precisely the type of behavior the Founders wanted to prevent, and now the left has successfully managed to distort that intent and use it against the people.

There is a consequence, however, that could make all of this seem insignificant by comparison. Lest we forget, we managed to piss off God long before Jesus came along, enough for him to wipe us all out, save for one man's family and a menagerie of animals. One would think the murder of His Son would have brought his wrath once more, but it was his Son that begged for mercy on our behalf. If these cretins manage to make it a crime to remember them, God and Son could very well become sufficiently angry again. Who will save us then?

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jimmy said...

Agreed the phrase "separation of church and state" was never put into the constitution. However, neither were explicit references to a state church. For those of us who are not christian it is good to see that the majority cannot force their will on the minority.

Woody said...

Excellent observation and counter-point, Jimmy, from a strictly intellectual standpoint.

The problem is that a simple meal prayer over a school lunch never quite approaches a "state church". When an agenda-driven group achieves a foothold in opposition to a percieved ill, the vilification of that "ill" becomes ever more easily presented.

Furthermore, the irony is thick when one bemoans majority rule until one attains the majority. Democrats now hold two out of three branches of the United States governing body, yet their agenda is opposed by a majority of the ordinary citizenry.

That is the political reality. Would you have 20% of the population dictate religious holiday protocol to the other 80%?

jimmy said...

Can't entirely agree with your argument, Woody. Just because there are no students present does not mean that everyone there was Christian. In addition, public funds should not be used to any way support - even through the apparently benign manner of saying grace - one particular religion.

I am not for one instance saying that Christians (or any religion for that matter) must go underground. No one is dictating religious holiday protocol other than to say public funds can not be used for such things. I do not believe that christians have to hide their religion in public, or that they cannot celebrate Christmas or Easter where others can see. If stores want have Christmas sales, good for them. I don't have to shop there, which is as much my right as theirs is to cater to Christians. Just as it is my right to convene my coven, pray to Allah, or sit in Zen meditation.

This is not a Christian country. A significant majority of the citizens may have been Christian when it was founded, but those that wrote the Constitution made sure this would be a country where no religion would enjoy state sanction.

By the way, I would be interested where you obtained your data behind the statement "their agenda is opposed by a majority of the ordinary citizenry." I seem to remember a time a little more than a year ago when you could have said exactly the same thing about the previous administration.

Woody said...

78.4% of the U.S. population is Christian. Coincidentally, that is almost the same number of people that disapprove of Congress.

Furthermore, you must admit that it is more than slightly disingenuous to suggest that a mealtime prayer is using public funds to "any way particular religion." The mere mention of a generic god is not promoting a specific denomination.