Monday, August 3, 2009

The Price Of Life Too High

Pragmatism is one of the things that separates the human from the rest of the animal world and yet the only demonstration of pragmatism in evidence by lower animals involves death... at least the death of others. While animals are completely emotionless when leaving the weak behind to die or neglecting imperfect offspring, they will always fight to the last breath to save their own lives. There is much to be said for self preservation in both kingdoms, for even when bleeding profusely and beating back certain death, a human also relies on emotion to bolster the will to survive, considering those they love as they inevitably fade from the world, clutching and clawing until strength fails and breath abates.

The Human kingdom is then divided into two separate camps; those who cherish life beyond their own and those who exhibit an emotionless pragmatism. To be certain, it is not beyond one of either camp to experience less trauma when the person at risk of, or in the throes of, death is not a familiar person, but still, one camp does not actively advocate for the demise of the stranger. And the journals are replete with examples of selfless sacrifices by humans in efforts to save complete strangers from death at the risk of their own lives. Further - and while perhaps less heroic - are the warriors who fight for life as a matter of principle.

Case in point: the Terri Schiavo case of 2005, in which the two camps collided in a bitter contest, with the suffering woman the football. At 41 years of age and in a "persistent vegetative state" for a decade, Ms. Schiavo's estranged husband won the battle to ultimately kill her over the fierce objections of the camp dedicated to life, as well as those of her own parents. The pragmatic ultimately prevailed and Terri Schiavo was killed by starvation and dehydration over the course of several days.

Liberals were emboldened by that heinous "victory" and have now deemed that theirs is an ideology ripe for harvest, allowing their culture of death to emerge from the shadows and bear the light of scrutiny without the need for explanation. While they have vociferously defended their wanton disregard for the lives of the innocent regarding abortion - citing ad nauseam Roe v. Wade - they are now poised to foist upon the American people their own insipid versions of Logan's Run and Soylent Green

To accomplish this feat, liberals have patiently and successfully fomented in the American people a herd mentality, using the guise of "unity" to acquire the acceptance by their subjects of things destined to destroy them. All the while they have applauded as seals at democrat rallies - and Obama speeches in particular - Death has been clapping his famous sickle directly over their shoulders.

The state of Oregon recently offered a shining example of a health care system administered by a government entity, a microcosm of a federal version. It epitomizes the town crier being ignored as a fool, because all that seems to be necessary these days is for Obama to flash his white smile into the camera lens while declaring that he would never lie to us. Still, there is one state bureaucracy that is already telling a citizen that they would be better off dead.

Usually, I make a concerted effort to remain somewhat subdued in my writings, but I find myself increasingly creeping toward the precipice of panic, and the more I dig in my heels, it seems that the pressure exerted on my back increases, just like in my worst nightmares.

Liberals have succeeded in fostering a herd mentality in their disciples - admittedly an odd comparison - and have also incubated an ideology devoid of genuine human compassion, all the while seizing the mantel of benevolence. From a purely tactical point of view, it has been a brilliant campaign, but I still fret over whether we will eventually facilitate our own end...for our own good.

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