Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Initiating Appeasement

Breaking tradition practiced by all of his predecessors, President Obama is now reaching out to radical Islamists in Pakistan through special envoy, Richard Holbrooke. Explaining the shift in U.S. policy, Vali Nasr, senior adviser to Holbrooke said:

"The purpose is to broaden the base of American relations in Pakistan beyond the relatively narrow circle of leaders Washington has previously dealt with."
Former U.N. Ambassador under the Bush administration, John Bolton, rightly questions such a move, particularly at such a time when Afghanistan is poised to hold elections even as our forces battle the Taliban in that country. Bolton also says that our number one goal right now - with a nuclear-armed Pakistan - should be to strenghthen our ties with the Pakistani military because "the gravest risk is radical penetration of the military". I happen to agree.

It is perplexing that Obama has so easily given up on negotiating with Republicans regarding universal health care because they are unwavering in their opposition. And yet, he feels the urge to try to assuage those whose only desire is to see us dead. Unless he plans on killing us all, there is little he can offer to the radicals.

Even more confounding is the latest Gallup poll, which gives Obama very high approval ratings on foreign policy. It seems people like a president that apologizes to the world on their behalf, while claiming to be just like everyone but them.

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Edisto Joe said...

John Bolton is a man I trust. His straight forward, no nonsense approach to foriegn policy has always been on target. He has always put America first and understands the goodwill and charity we bring to the world as well as the terrible punishment we can inflict if our interests and security are at stake. No liberal could ever understand or tolerate his approach because,rightfully,he knows we have nothing to apologize for.

Woody said...

Bolton was without a doubt a great ambassador. It's too bad the Democrat controlled Senate wouldn't confirm him.