Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Carl Gallups Factor

There have been some major players involved in the Barack Hussein Obama birth certificate issue since his nomination for president, and most have been attorneys, such as Philip Berg and Orly Taitz. Both have been denied their cases before the Supreme Court, and both have been denigrated as fools by the mainstream media (MSM). But does truth rely solely upon wide coverage? To put it another way, if a tree falls in a forest but ABC or CBS doesn't report it, does that mean it never happened?

Further, if Joseph Goebbels was correct, it seems that if enough people tell a lie it becomes the truth. Socrates would disagree vehemently, however. He believed that man was capable of arriving at truth through query, something that in the case of Obama's eligibility to be president is squelched rather than encouraged. That is a critical issue because it would be one thing if Obama's supporters merely waved dismissively at those who would raise such a question. To proactively battle such curiosity should raise suspicions, though it seems not to have.

Carl Gallups has not been as high profile as Berg or Taitz, but he has been noticed by the protectors of the Left. A World Net Daily article states that Gallups, a Christian pastor in Milton, FL, has "posted dozens of videos on the Web, including others highlighting questions about Obama."

Gallups has had problems, though, with Google, which owns YouTube. According to WND:

Gallups notes that for a while, YouTube had frozen its view counter at 301 views, and thinks the Google-owned company did this to prevent the video from being promoted to its featured video section.

"Every time we put up a film that has something to do with Obama, they freeze the counter on us," he said. "And they won't respond to any of my e-mails [asking for an explanation].

His latest is certain to cause quite a stir, as it involves Tim Adams, a former senior elections clerk for Honolulu who states emphatically that Obama has no birth certificate. Adams now works as a college instructor and is not encumbered by the rules of "omerta" from his former employer.

See the Gallups video here:

Don't expect to see this anywhere but on right wing websites, however, unless it grows some very long legs. This administration has become quite adept at deflecting damning stories simply by claiming that they are just too ridiculous to be believed. And as Gallups further points out, the subject seems too toxic for Republicans to broach.

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