Monday, June 14, 2010

An Incredibly Arrogant Congressman

It's bad enough when a member of Congress behaves like a complete lunatic, but it's even worse when the media tries to justify it simply because said Congressman is a Democrat.

First, watch as North Carolina Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-Lillington) loses it on a college kid merely because he asked a question: posted the video, Drudge picked it up and ran with it, and then...ABC News seemed to defend the actions of the Congressman. From the ABC report:

Etheridge's reaction is to demand to know who the photographers are. He then gets physical. He grabs the camera from one man and then takes him by the wrist. In the video, the photographer's faces are blurred and their identities aren't given. They never identify themselves to the congressman other than to say they're students working on a project.

When they continue to refuse to identify themselves, Etheridge grabs one around the neck and then the shoulders refusing to let him go.
The man eventually slips Etheridge's grasp and the video ends.
How low will the media go to protect Democrats and this administration? And perhaps an even better question is, how far will the Congress Critters go if their behavior is not held to traditional societal standards?

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