Monday, June 14, 2010

Obama's Backward Agenda

By now, seventeen months into the Obama administration, it is becoming increasingly obvious that this mistake we've made is taking us in the wrong direction. Many may have already noticed the false urgency with which this regime has foisted upon us that which we have clearly stated we do not want, as well as the smug disregard for the wishes of the people in perpetrating the "change".

The fouls Obama has committed, however, have not been reserved exclusively for his subjects. He has also managed to alienate our allies and international friends, one of the staples of the nation's allegedly desired removal of George W. Bush, who was excoriated for "ruining our image in the world". Obama was going to heal us all, remember? Yet, as I'm sure many have already forgotten, just a month into his new job as God of America, Obama insulted our closest ally.

Shortly after the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, then-leader of Britain Tony Blair sent Bush a bust of Winston Churchill to be placed on display in the White House as a demonstration of solidarity. And shortly after assuming the throne, Obama sent it back.

Some speculate that the reason may well be because Churchill, in 1952, suppressed the Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya, then under British colonial rule. Obama's grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama, spent months in lock-up as a suspected subversive. Could it be that little Barry holds a personal grudge that supersedes his duties as POTUS? Perhaps, but he was far from finished insulting our friends, the British.

On Prime Minister Gordon Brown's first state visit to the United States, he was denied a proper welcome by the new president. The reason given to British journalists by Obama's aides was that the president was "too tired". Still not feeling quite vindicated, Obama followed up with useless and ridiculous gifts to Brown and the Queen. There was yet more to come.

At the opening session of the United Nations in September, 2009, Brown was humiliated once more. According to the London Daily Telegraph's David Hughs, Brown had either directly or indirectly requested "face time" with Obama on five occasions, and was turned down at each request. In desperation, the Telegraph reports:

"The prime minister was forced to dash through the kitchens of the UN in New York to secure five minutes of face time with President Obama after five requests for a sit down meeting were rejected by the White House."
Still Obama was not content with mere snubs and subtle lack of grace so in early June his administration, through Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, endorsed a comrade of Hugo Chavez. Cristina Kirchner, president of Argentina, has demanded mediation of the countries claim to the Falkland Islands, under British rule for the past 177 years. Despite that little tiff in 1982, when Argentina tried to seize the island by force and was repelled by British forces with the support of Ronald Reagan, this administration has sided with Argentina over Britain.

This administration has also sided with the Socialist President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras who, after being forcibly removed by his own Congress and military for trying to subvert the Constitution of that country, sought the counsel of his fellow Socialists in securing his unlawful return. See more on that here.

In March of this year when Benjamin Netanyahu was here to meet with Obama, the president abruptly walked out of talks with the Israeli Prime Minister to "have dinner with his family", leaving Bibi to foment in his own thoughts for over an hour. Moments earlier, Netanyahu was scolded by Obama and presented with a list of 13 demands designed to "end the feud between the administrations and to build Palestinian confidence" by, among other things, ceasing construction in Jerusalem. Apparently, Netanyahu's shocked pause at such a demand prompted Obama's impetuous departure. According to reports, the Israeli Prime Minister was advised to consider the error of his ways, which led to the Israeli contingents subsequent "lock down" in the Roosevelt Room on the first floor of the White House.

Then there was the "shunning" after the Flotilla raid.

Obama has done more damage to our standing among friends than George W. Bush could ever have dreamed possible, and has done nothing to sway our enemies save for making them bolder than they have ever been. When combined with the damage our economy has sustained and continues to suffer, it should be clear that he, along with his Democratic accomplices in Congress, has moved this country so far into the past that space exploration should seem a distant hope.

Oh wait...Obama wants to scrap that, too.

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Edisto Joe said...

Is it arrogance or stupidity? Perhaps it is both. Netanyahu’s warning about the dangers of appeasement is exactly the message the world needs to hear. Yet Obama refuses to listen and sides against Isreal. This is a president who consistently projects weakness over strength. Our allies recognize it and even worse, so do our enemies.