Friday, June 11, 2010

Terror With Tea

Perhaps frightened by the prospect of Conservatives making headway through the seeming success of the Tea Party movement, the mainstream media (MSM) makes a regular practice of portraying its members as "dangerous" and racist. There have been no reports that I'm aware of from any of the multitudes of protests of arrests or even clashes with police.

Black Democrat lawmakers even made the claim that they were spit upon and were the recipients of racial slurs hurled at them on their arrogant march to the Capitol building after passage of the health care bill. To date, there has been no corroborating evidence that either happened, but that still didn't prevent the MSM from reporting that they had.

Still other reports are stretched beyond belief, such as the man in the video below. Sure, he is angry, but he is moving away from the object of his ire, not attacking. See for yourself:

"Exploding Tea Party Protester..." one man getting animated in his response is "exploding" to the maker of that video.

But what happens when Liberals see something they don't like? They get violent. See just about any protests on the West Coast. Or see this Obama supporter, as he truly explode:

And he wasn't arrested, either. No big deal, right?

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Edisto Joe said...

I sure hope we are not headed for times like the "turbulent sixty's" but at times it seems that way, only this time it's from the right where the loudest protesting rings.
The Tea Party member being punched is like the anti-war protester in the 1960's, "Peace And Love" drew many a black eye in cities across the nation. In the end the protesters of the 60's helped change America and it would be my hope that the Tea Party can do the same. They are calling for change and it dosen't include Obama's version. I truly hope their numbers grow and more people pay attention. Maybe then the MSM will give them fair treatment.. but I won't hold my breath.

Woody said...

I don't know, far I haven't seen anything from the Tea Partiers that even resembles the behavior of the Left in the sixties.

And you're right, the change we are calling for is simply a change back.