Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cloward-Piven at Work in the Gulf?

While crude oil continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico, blame also gushes from the White House and Congress, as well as from environmental groups and anti-capitalists. Obama, clearly out of his depth in the arena of actually being in charge, has focused instead on scapegoating not only BP but the energy industry in general.

Environmental groups with an axe to grind have also seized on the opportunity to decry the evils of oil and - by extension - virtually every Earthly gift responsible for the comforts Man has come to enjoy, while rabid Socialists have found new hope in their quest to end Capitalism.

Certainly, BP should have had a contingency plan for just such an occurrence, but it also should have been a requirement by our well-funded Environmental Protection Agency prior to any drilling to be permitted in the Gulf.

It also should never have come to companies like BP being forced to drill for oil in the home of Poseidon, so deep that repairs are nearly impossible. (Never mind my confusion over how BP was able to place that valve that deep but they can't reach it to plug it!) But if this drilling were happening in the desolate wilderness of Alaska and such a spill had occurred, it could have easily been stopped and cleaned up with little spread. That is the legacy of wild-eyed liberals who wring their hands at the progress of humans.

All of that having been said, a basic fact of life is that sometimes defecation occurs. The most important things immediately following such occurrences are the severity of the consequences and the appropriateness of the responses; and sometimes, the competency of those charged with implementing the appropriate responses.

Despite Obama's claims that "[they] were there from day one", they clearly were not, nor were they particularly attentive to the pending environmental impact until it was too late to avert this disaster. Obama's immature response from the outset was akin to that of an hysterical bystander trembling while shrieking at the party responsible, "Do something!"

But Obama is anything but a dumb man. He has areas of expertise like anyone else and - like a banker who considers the plumber to be dimwitted but depends upon his services nevertheless - Obama also has his limitations. While he is quite pathetic at being an executive and has proved that he is incapable of managing anything, he is a master at manipulation and conniving.

In other words, he's well versed in the ways of Saul Alinsky and the Cloward-Piven Strategy, capitalizing (pardon the irony) on crisis to further his agenda. The Cloward-Piven Strategy is the blueprint for what Obama has managed in the Gulf spill incident. I have laid out the tenets of this philosophy before, so I will not bore the readers with another long explanation. Instead, those who may be unfamiliar with Cloward-Piven can read further on that subject here and here.

Not everything can be planned out to perfection, and I am not suggesting that the Deep Water explosion was engineered, though others are. I will leave that for the experts, but for now, I will point out the brilliance of Obama in recognizing an "opportunity" and grasping it. In this case, the opportunity was presented in the tragic loss of 11 human beings, something which appears to be considered collateral damage to the regime of Obama.

Since the loss of the rig and those unfortunate souls, Obama has been scheming to extract as much money from BP as possible while thwarting efforts to contain the spill. When the Dutch - who are perhaps the best masters of the seas by virtue of their proximity to the sea line - offered to bring skimming ships to the Gulf to assist, they were turned down by the U.S. government. The reason for such a refusal is stunning.

Obama deferred to a nearly century old law, the Jones Act of 1920, to deny foreign ships with unsurpassed expertise the ability to assist in containing the gushing oil from the ruptured well valve. His grievous error could be attributed to the deficiency resulting from his youth and neophyte status in all things managerial, but that would discount out of hand the worth of his cabinet.

When we were led to believe that George W. Bush was little more than a "frat boy" riding the coattails of his Daddy, we at least enjoyed the solace of knowing that "adults" were actually in charge. And when Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans - ironically similar to the below-sea-level home of the Dutch - Bush waived the "Jones Act" four days later, allowing foreign ships bearing aid access to U.S. ports.

Everything points to a concerted effort by this administration to perpetuate the advance of crude oil to the shores of the Gulf in order to gain from the disaster another measure of success toward the radical transformation of America. As Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is fond of saying, “You don’t ever want a crisis to go to waste..."

Maybe Obama and his minions are not responsible for the Deep Water well explosion, but they sure seem to have deployed the vision of Cloward and Piven by taking full advantage of the crisis.

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Edisto Joe said...

The speech from the Oval Office last night is all the proof one needs if they doubt your words.

Woody said...

Ain't it the truth, EJ! I wish I had held out publishing until I saw the speech.

BLW said...

Nice post, Obama is in over his head as has been said many times before. The pathetic thing is that he has no concern what so ever for the people being effected, he thinks only about his agenda. As for being an adult, he is an adult he is also a product of a society that lives on blaming one group or another, think about where he came from. For him it has always been some one is holding him back, some one always has more than he does and when asked why, he simply replies that its not his fault its some one elses. Obama is not a leader and never will be, being an agitator is one thing, being president is another. Bernie/SBL

Woody said...

Good points, Bernie. There have been a few Presidents who vaulted straight from the Senate, but none with such a thin resumè as Obama, and certainly none with the same victim mentality as his.

Sunflower Ranch said...

Woody!! You nailed it in this post. He is incompetent as president, but outstanding as an organizer -- or agitator. We are stirred up at his cool ineptitude. His behavior defies what most Americans think of as "normal" in such a devastating crisis. His phony comment ten days ago about "kicking a$$" rang so untrue, so out of character, he didn't even fool his base. He cares absolutely nothing for this country. He is here to destroy it from within and transform it into a boot-on-the-neck socialist hell. It's coming sooner than anyone thought. It's up to us to resist & put everything we have into the coming election. If we don't stop him in November, we're toast.

Woody said...

Sunflower Ranch, I hope we still can stop him in November. I have little faith anymore in even the Republicans to stand up for the people.

It will be critical to oust as many incumbents as possible in November in order for us to make any headway whatsoever.