Sunday, June 20, 2010

Make That Willful Dereliction of Duty

What should have been major news around the country I had to learn from a fellow blogger. As U.S. citizens are being killed and brutalized by illegal aliens along the border with Mexico, President Obama plays politics, something he claimed would come to an end under his leadership.

What's worse, however, is that a Republican senator has spilled the beans about a callous disregard by Obama for his own people, Americans, and there is virtually no press coverage about it. That could be because Senator Kyl from Arizona spoke of this in relative whispers to a handful of constituents when what he should have done was shout it from the rooftops and call Bob Woodward.

Holding out for "comprehensive immigration reform", aka amnesty, Obama told Kyl in a private Oval Office meeting that he wouldn't protect the border because "you all (Republicans) would have no incentive to enact comprehensive immigration reform."

While the media cares not about this, you can watch the video in which Kyl makes the claim. The specific portion of his comments comes at the 3:20 mark:

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BLW said...

The sad part is that I can hear Obama saying he won't protect the border, giving ground back to Mexico, buying off votes or just being a pain in the ass, you can see by his lack of action he has no intention of securing the United States,that should make the high crime and misdemeanor list. Bernie/SBL

Woody said...

Exactly Bernie. And where are the Bernsteins and Woodwards? It's enough to drive a fellow mad.