Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Look South For Signs: All-Out Assault On Capitalism

Everywhere is
Freaks and hairies
Dykes and fairies
Tell me where is sanity...

-Alvin Lee, Ten Years After

There once was a time in America when success was both desired and envied simultaneously, but never was it denied that the means toward success were the very foundation of the nation. Hard work and the entrepreneurial spirit, combined with a fervent desire for victory, is what built this country into the monument to freedom that it is. For generations, our youth has been taught that playing to win is important, for it was an educational preparation for life in the working world. Healthy competition was always encouraged, and it always bore fruit.

Then came an unsavory period in our history when the successful began to genuinely exploit their employees. Thus the unions saw their genesis, something that I do acknowledge was necessary at the time but have long since denounced as the unions gained more and more power and influence and merely became usurpers of the tyranny of the successful bosses. Ironically, this was all made possible by a Democrat president presiding over a financial crisis and fomenting the socialistic tendencies at play today, claiming that only government oversight could cure all economic ills. Look at where it has lead us.

While ordinary American tenacity, coupled with brief spells of Conservative control of the executive branch, has valiantly fought against the tide of previous fiscal maladies and won, the collective sentiment of the people has been steered purposefully towards an ever increasing desire for that which will be their ultimate ruin; totalitarianism, packaged and sold as "compassion".

Part of the Communist Manifesto designates control of the educational system as key to shaping the mood of the nation. By simple manipulation of the curricula, it would be easy to mold the minds of future leaders into blithe acceptance of ideologies that would make their parents cringe. Predictably, parents did resist, only to be told that they were poorly educated in old ways, and subsequently acquiesced out of dazed confusion and a sense of being outdated. The wheel was greased...

Because the Trojan Horse was gaily wrapped in bright, festive paper bearing the American flag, people took their eyes off of it while fighting the decoy that remained the object of their ire. Overtly communist neighbors were scorned and children warned, steering clear of those neighboring properties designated as hostile by their parents, all the while the subversion continued unabated. Once the mind is won, the rest is easy.

So now we have a president who calmly tolerates the tongue-lashing of his country by a socialist leader of a Latin-American country (Daniel Ortega) and a lecture by the socialist leader of the host country (Hugo Chavez). We have elected members of the United States Congress openly embracing the policies of the likes of those two men, as well as heaping praise on the "leadership" of Fidel Castro, additionally lauding his health care provisions for his poverty-stricken island. One such Representative actually romanticized about Che Guevara. Also, our nation's official stance under this administration - for the first time in my memory - is to side with the socialist Manuel Zelaya of Honduras, who was ousted by his own Congress for subversion of his countries constitution.

The next step is drawing a huge, collective yawn from our media, even as ordinary citizens rail against it and are denigrated as heretics. Obama is following in the footsteps of Hugo Chavez. Just as Chavez has nationalized a large portion of the Venezuelan industry, Obama is moving as quickly as possible to do the same here. Just as Chavez has waged war on media outlets not friendly to the regime, so Obama has sought to encourage tattletales to report citizens who disparage his regime even as he himself has decried the perceived "disinformation" being spread, just like Chavez has qualified his actions on the same, obtuse grounds.

Currently "employing" more czars than the Russian empire did in more than 400 years, this president has seen the finish line for capitalism and is racing for the tape. No one would heed the warning signs of his past associations during the campaign, and no one in the media today seems willing to point out the pasts of the plethora of unaccountable people now helping this Marxist in reshaping what was once known as the land of milk and honey.

Heartening is the sudden surge in conservative willingness for activism, but I fear that the tide may have come in too late for a peaceful reversal of the radical policy shift of our "leaders". When the likes of the Republican opposition candidate for president - who once heroically resisted the torturous tactics of his Viet Cong captors - suddenly succumbs to the whims of a would-be socialist tyrant, it is left to the angry population to seize the mantel of preservation.

For a short-range glimpse into our potential future, simply look South. All of the signs are there.

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