Thursday, September 24, 2009

Barack Hussein Obomnipotent

How Did We Ever Survive Without Him?

To listen to the president tell it at the U.N. General Assembly yesterday, Obama has simultaneously made America both better and more liked. Our nation was formerly an arrogant, festering cesspool of greedy people and overbearing leadership until he got elected as its leader. He tells the world body that he - in just nine months - has singlehandedly succeeded in destroying the country he grew up loathing, and has transformed it into that which he has always envisioned; a nation of contrition bordering on subservience to the rest of the world.

The first U.S. president to outwardly embrace the interests of everyone but those to whom he swore an oath, and to the constitution he vowed to uphold and defend, Obama spoke with self-congratulatory grandeur before the Assembly, extolling the virtues of...himself. Like a child giddily presenting his mother with an ugly clay ashtray made in art class (look what I made you!), Obama proudly declared the first of his "accomplishments" as having banned the use of torture, and the assembly dutifully applauded and placed the atrocious "art" in a prominent location with a smile.

The only problem is that - despite the shrill and pompous cries of those who were queasy at the stern questioning of detainees - torture already was banned by the United States, so his first accomplishment was appropriate. He then offered up another gem that only a mother could pretend to love, beaming over his order to close Guantanamo Bay. It is clear that this was an act of appeasement of America's critics since he also wanted to bring the prisoners here, something the American people did not want at all.

The entire tone of his speech was one of conceit and a notion that he had rescued America from itself; that with but a wave of his glorious hand, he had made the ugly Americans suddenly more palatable to a much uglier crowd of barbaric dictators.

(It is a similar approach to his domestic agenda, which is to drag everyone down to a base level of despair in order to achieve a harmonic balance of the masses. But what no one has the courage to admit is the fact that America has been the big brother to the world and without us as that figure, who is left to turn to in times of crisis?)

His rhetoric then went on to throw a former ally under the bus. I say former because he made it abundantly clear yesterday that he is no friend of Israel, calling their very existence an occupation while calling for a rollback of the borders established in 1967 by virtue of Israel's defeating several enemies in six days after coming under attack. (To see Benjamin Netanyahu's reaction today to Ahmadinejad's reception, watch this video):

Despite the numerous concessions over the years by Israel in a desperate quest for final peace, Obama thinks that he now has the answer; more concessions. Never mind that all past pulling-in of the borders only meant that Hamas had to shorten the range of their rocket attacks, Obama still thinks that the ultimate definition of insanity will succeed. That definition is the repetition of the same methods over and over again, expecting a different result.

Finally, he spoke magnificently about how the need for action was nigh, and that rhetoric alone would accomplish nothing. The time for talk was over, he said. And yet, for nine months, what has President Obama done but talk? He has been on the road so much, speaking, that I would wager that his only familiarity with the Oval Office is derived solely from his transition meeting with outgoing President Bush after the election.

Action was required months ago when Gen. Stanley McChrystal sent a report to the president seeking more troops in Afghanistan, but the president has been too busy at speaking engagements around the world and the nation. Meanwhile troops are dying in that mountainous country while the report collects dust in the dark and quiet Oval Office. It appears that the president does have his limits and can only destroy one country at a time. Afghanistan will have to wait.

How did we get along without him? I cannot wait for the time to reminisce.

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