Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day Of Reckoning

It should never have come to this, but I have always been a believer in the axiom that "God works in mysterious ways". While today was a day of somber reflection on the events of eight years ago, it shall be followed up tomorrow, in our nation's capital, by a raucous reclamation of our country.

Still amazed, am I, at the spectacle of massive conservative protests and demonstrations, almost embarrassed at the term "marching", but I have never been more proud of my ideological brethren than I am today, and expect that my breast will burst with pride come tomorrow. According to an article by Katharine Q. Seelye of the New York Times, tomorrow could be "the largest gathering of fiscal conservatives ever". I believe it, as I have received a report from a good friend who is there, and who reports that the town is jam packed with motivated people.

Contrary to the characterization by our evidently deaf and blind elected officials who have tried to portray this movement as "astroturf" - suggesting that the angry mobs were somehow manifestations of "evil" talk radio and Fox News - this is a genuine and sincere happening. What Tea Party Express has managed to do is not to organize people into believing something and taking to the streets, but rather to coalesce a collection of already-angry groups into a larger body with more clout than each had separately.

The true reason that any of this has happened at all is simply because the left became such a force by virtue of the very tactics they now accuse the right of engaging in, and it is for that reason that reason will prevail. The left came to prominence by trolling every individual urchin it could collect or create and became a behemoth with poor glue. The conservative movement now afoot is more deliberate, more cohesive, and more cognizant of its environment.

These are not citizens who were cultivated by an ideological machine and instructed to rail against the nation that gave them a voice with which to protest. They are not the citizens who were steered into "poverty" so that they would one day rise against the "capitalist machine". They are not people who get their news from quick headlines or a group of cackling liberal women on a daytime talk show.

No, they are people who have worked their fingers to the bone while exercising their right to the pursuit of happiness, and who are now seeing their labors reduced to wasted time. They are people who have familiarized themselves with our founding documents and understand their meaning. And they are also people who shall prove tomorrow how formidable an informed populace can be when pushed to the brink.

For the record, I did not get permission from Tea Party Express to use their logo. I operated on the assumption that a supportive viewpoint would be acceptable, and will remove it at the first complaint from that noble organization. I wish for exceptional weather for our troops in D.C. tomorrow, and great success for us all. Give 'em Hell, gang!

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