Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Mighty Oak In The Oval Office

"Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow." —Olde English Proverb
While capitalism was never claimed to be the perfect system, it still must be noted that it is a better system than any other on the planet. How else would one explain that in America, even the poor have personal computers and the homeless, cellphones? The bigger question, however, is why are so many out to destroy it and replace it with a system of equal misery for all?

All throughout the long campaign for the White House reports bubbled to the surface regarding Obama's associations and their significance, and each time the mainstream media quickly laid a camouflage blanket over them. Even today, as the administration gives bundles of taxpayer money to ACORN, the organization is never scrutinized but rather, hailed as a champion of the poor. That characterization is off the mark, as ACORN exploits the poor for the purpose of advancing their anti-capitalist agenda.

In the spring of 2003, just over six years ago, Sol Stern wrote an article titled ACORN'S Nutty Regime for Cities in which he lays out the genesis of ACORN and the movement to take over America one city at a time. In it he writes:
"The largest radical group in the country, ACORN has 120,000 dues-paying members, chapters in 700 poor neighborhoods in 50 cities, and 30 years’ experience. It boasts two radio stations, a housing corporation, a law office, and affiliate relationships with a host of trade-union locals. Not only big, it is effective, with some remarkable successes in getting municipalities and state legislatures to enact its radical policy goals into law."
In just six years, those statistics have changed dramatically. ACORN now boasts a membership of over 400,000 and 850 chapters in over 100 cities in the United States and in other countries, as well.

Founded in 1970 by Wade Rathke and Gary Delgado, ACORN was an off-shoot of an organization called the National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO). The NWRO was founded by a mentor of Rathke's, George Alvin Wiley who, interestingly according to, is "one of the earliest and most successful practitioners of the 'change-through-crisis' formula prescribed by the 'Cloward-Piven strategy'".

Also according to Sol Stern:
"[ACORN] promotes a 1960s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism, central planning, victimology, and government handouts to the poor. As a result, not only does it harm the poor it claims to serve; it is also a serious threat to the urban future."
Therein lies the danger. While projecting a veneer of benevolence, ACORN is actually promoting a culture of dependence which will allow them to ultimately control the lives of the very people they claim to be assisting, while they are equally counting on deeper and deeper levels and numbers of such sheep to keep them in business. Call it the "Al Sharpton-Jesse Jackson" method on mega doses of steroids.

The more these masses succumb to a form of the Stockholm Syndrome, the easier it is to get them to become foot soldiers in the "struggle", thus growing the ranks exponentially until they have taken over. So where does Obama fit in to all of this?

In his early "community-organizer" days, one woman was so impressed with Obama's "organizing skills" that she recruited him to train her staff. She was Madeline Talbot and her staff were members of the Chicago ACORN branch. On July 31st. 1997, Talbot led 200 ACORN members on a rampage at a Chicago City Council debate on the living wage in which the group knocked over a metal detector and table, and pushed police up against the doors. Six were arrested that day, including Talbot.

In an incident more directly involving Obama, and one held up to bolster Obama's racial diversity in organizing, Stanley Kurtz writes:
"To rebut this charge, Obama’s organizer friends tell the story of how he helped plan 'actions' that included mixed white, black, and Latino groups. For example, following Obama’s plan, one such group paid a 'surprise visit' to a meeting between local officials considering a landfill expansion. The protestors surrounded the meeting table while one activist made a statement chiding the officials, after which the protestors filed out."
One more quote from Kurtz:
"With Obama having personally helped train a new cadre of Chicago Acorn leaders, by the time of Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate campaign, Obama and Acorn were 'old friends,' says Foulkes.

So along with the reservoir of political support that came to Obama through his close ties with Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, and other Chicago black churches, Chicago Acorn appears to have played a major role in Obama’s political advance. Sure enough, a bit of digging into Obama’s years in the Illinois State Senate indicates strong concern with Acorn’s signature issues, as well as meetings with Acorn and the introduction by Obama of Acorn-friendly legislation on the living wage and banking practices. You begin to wonder whether, in his Springfield days, Obama might have best been characterized as 'the Senator from Acorn.'"

In Stern's article, his byline was, "The nation’s largest left-wing group is trying to make a revolution, one city at a time. And it is getting results." That is the understatement of the ages, as ACORN has graduated from the insidious sapling tactics of taking over America one town at a time; they have grown into a mighty oak tree at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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Jerol said...

Heaven forbid that the poor people should be able to organize and take over their country like a few capitalist have. Where is the even keel you mention

Woody said...

The even keel is useful when navigating the waters made treacherous by your ilk.

You are partly correct: Heaven forbid that the poor people succeed in making everyone just as they are, and Heaven forbid any group radically altering - for the worst - the greatest and most proserous nation on the face of the Earth.