Thursday, September 3, 2009

Your "Training" Begins In Five Days

How many teachers can be fired at once? In five days, on what for many children will be the first day of the school year, President Obama will deliver a speech via webcast into every public school classroom across the nation. Will all of those teachers be fired as a result of the propaganda on display in their classrooms? My best guess would be a resounding no. There has always been a different set of rules for Democrats and liberals.

For Republicans and conservatives, such a display would be grounds for immediate dismissal. Just ask Shiba Pillai-Diaz, a New Jersey middle school teacher who was fired in 2004 because she had a photograph of the president and first lady on her wall. The problem was that it was President Bush, and the principal ordered it taken down. When Pillai-Diaz refused, she was terminated. Ironically, one of the reasons was an accusation of "suppression of free speech", which came about because she refused to discuss her political views with her students. Correct me if I'm wrong, but most parents should expect that teachers keep their political opinions to themselves.

As parents across the country begin to protest this intrusion into the lives and minds of their children, liberal groups will subsequently start calling those parents and their advocates "right wing kooks". This is a prediction I make with virtually no trepidation, and I also know that the webcast will be defended by the left as something innocuous. But let's face it...Obama is not merely going to read My Pet Goat to them.

The Obama administration and the Dept. of Education have carefully choreographed this event, sending out specific instruction packets to teachers in what to discuss and when to discuss it. This will not be a speech in which the president simply beseeches the children to be good students and study hard, or to listen to their mommies and daddies. He is going to advise them on how to help him and his agenda. To put it simply, he is trying to organize them.

To contrast this, try to imagine this scenario; it is 2004, and President Bush plans a webcast to speak directly to the children about the virtues of tax cuts or to defend the Iraq War. The left would be completely apoplectic over such an event, but here they see no foul.

Incidentally, the school in question in the opening paragraph was Crossroads South Middle School in Monmouth Junction, NJ. They have a new principal now, but I decided to write to him anyway, and ask him the question of teacher firings next week. Here is the text of my email:

Dear Mr. Tucholski,

In light of the fact that a teacher from your school was fired for having a photograph of President Bush silently hanging on her wall in 2004, I was just curious as to how many teachers will be fired on September 8th for having President Obama beamed into the classroom for the purpose of indoctrinating the children.

Please reply at your earliest convenience.


Daniel James Wood
I will certainly update this post in the event of a reply.

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Edisto Joe said...

Here's your reply:
Dear Mr. Woods,
Please take your racist, white supremacist attitude back to the woods with all your other neo Nazi,beer drinking, milita buddies.
Your Un-American,pro conservative,Neanderthal way of thinking has no place in the public education system. Leave the brain washing to us...we know what's best for the kids. After the "Chairman Obama" indroctrination we plan to have a film session on dying polar bears in the Artic due to Global Warming!
We are spending your tax dollars wisely...that's all you need to know.
Liberal Principal-any public school USA.

Woody said...

LMAO, yes, I expect that if any reply is forthcoming, that would accurately depict its nature.

By the way Joe, I don't know if it was intentional or not, but nice touch on the "liberal teacher" misspelling my name. I would expect no less from an alleged intellectual.


Anonymous said...

Your article on the school teacher who was fired (in part) posting a picture of the president, had a political champion.

"[Then NJ State] Senator Jon Corzine, who followed Pillai-Diaz on Malzberg's show, said Monmouth Junction school officials had gone overboard.

"'If it's just a straight-up picture of George Bush and Laura, then I don't understand the issue at all,' the leading Democrat said. 'I don't see why [a picture] of the president of the United States can't be displayed.'"

Just saying, y'know?

Roxan said...

I always thought myself to be a liberal, then I realized my ideals of being a liberal and the ideals of other liberals clashed.
Today's liberal is only concerned with the rights of a few while I tend to look at the rights of all, whether I agree with them.
I can't really say I'm conservative either and I felt lost in a sea of politics. Then I discovered my true self-Laissez-faire Liberal. I'm a libertarian! I feel so much better.

I told my daughter to keep my granddaughter out of school that day. This is not something kids need to have shoved down their throats.

Woody said...

True, Octobia, but Corzine's brief moment of reason does not erase the leftist intolerance exhibited by the school.

Roxan, I have been a life-long registered Republican, but my views have always been more Libertarian-leaning. Too bad that party has no political clout.

And just as predicted, I was just over at Little Green Footballs, where Charles Johnson is calling us...kooks.

David Schantz said...

If I had a school age child I'd either keep them home on the 8th or send them with a note asking/demanding that they be sent to a room the broadcast was not piped into to study until the broadcast was finished. Trust me this will only be the first of many broadcast to come. Each one will be a little worse than the last.

God Bless America, God Save The Republic.

Woody said...

You're not alone, David. The backlash against this administration is both stunning and heartening. My faith in the people of this republic is beginning to regain its footing.