Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obama's New Hat

Despite the massive juggernaut that the Tea Party Express has become, the man who would be king has been stumping around the nation basically telling friendly crowds that "they can't stop us". Despite the latest Rasmussen poll, showing that 53% of the American people are opposed to Obama's health care plan, he is pushing Congress to ram the plan down our throats anyway. This is called ruling, not representing. While he claims that the 2008 electoral margin gave him a mandate to rush his agenda along, suddenly a majority is meaningless?

With a compliant media helping to downplay the magnitude of Saturday's protest in the nations capital, Democrats continue to insist that the tea parties represent "a small minority" of voters. This is disingenuous, to be charitable. Denigrating angry constituents at town hall meetings has become blood sport for out-of-control politicians, and claims by Obama that our side is using "scare tactics" is nothing more than psychological projection.

In his radio address the other day, Obama actually said that unless we act now, 50% of the American people could find themselves uninsured, which is simply a ridiculous statement for the president to make. For half of the people - most of whom have medical insurance through their employers - to lose their coverage, unemployment would have to reach roughly 40%.

In his speech to Congress Wednesday night, he made the ludicrous statement that the health care plan would be paid for by reducing waste and fraud in Medicare and Medicaid. The question should be, why not reduce waste and fraud in those two government-run programs first, and then we'll see how well they function before we add another gargantuan government-run program onto the backs of the taxpayers?

And on 60 Minutes, he claimed that he has "every incentive to get it right" because he'd own whatever happened. This is an outright lie. Anything that goes wrong will undoubtedly be somehow blamed on Republican "saboteurs". Obama told us that no one making less than $250,000 would see any of their taxes raised, "not one dime". Then he slammed rich and poor alike with a sixty-cent tax on cigarettes. He told us that as long as we passed the stimulus fiasco quickly, unemployment wouldn't go above 8%. It now stands at 9.7%, so why should we believe a word this man says?

If there is anyone out there who believes in the good intentions of this president, particularly today, I have some sobering news. While it is arguable that Obama and Congressional Democrats are learned folk, theirs is an agenda driven by potential legacy and their place in history and has nothing at all to do with service to America and the betterment of our nation. To take it one step further, I believe that the actions thus far by Obama point to a delibeate attempt to cause the United States to fall. There is simply no explanation of his policies that makes sense.

The only thing stopping him from moving a throne into the Oval Office is the people and the wrath that has been exhibited this year. How else would one explain the halting steps being taken while enjoying complete contol of two branches of the government?

It should prove most entertaining to watch how this buffoon deals with a suddenly hostile Congress in 2011.

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