Sunday, September 27, 2009

No Longer The Manchurian Candidate

Patience of legendary abundance has become the hallmark of radical Islam and - more precisely - al Qaeda. It has been our experience that these elements will plan for years or even decades to perfect the means by which they will ultimately bring the West to its knees and final surrender. Misdirection and distraction have been tactical additions to the plans of these fanatics, who actually take pride in their use of subterfuge while simultaneously claiming to be agents of God. They truly believe that theirs is a divine mission

Sometimes I envision certain scenarios and subsequently shrug them off as too fantastic, but in a world where suddenly it is considered good economic policy to spend your way out of debt by borrowing in unprecedented proportions, or where destroying jobs and incentive is somehow going to stimulate the economy, I now believe that the formerly fantastic is absolutely realistic. Enter Barack Hussein Obama.

Born into poverty, graduating to destitution and finally orphaned, Barack Obama had an origin ripe for fostering the same grievances we are told are the current motivations of radical Islamists. Early schooling in an Indonesian mosque ostensibly would only further cultivate a hatred of wealth, while instilling a parallel desire to achieve that very thing personally, a desire that has been achieved in spades.

The question still remains as to how Obama rose so quickly to prominence from such a dismal childhood, and who may have been his stake-horse throughout his ascension. The reason for this is because his is a life shrouded in secrecy and opaqueness. Just as his campaign promises of "the most transparent administration" have vanished like ashes in the wind, the history of the man remains a mystery. Certainly some tidbits have been revealed, but they have all been brushed aside as meaningless by both Obama and a nauseatingly compliant media.

Perhaps more shocking than the tenuous relationships he's had with the most unsavory characters - things which are tenuous solely because of their difficulties to prove - are the more concrete incriminations of his own words, publicized in print, audio and video. He scoffs at accusations that he wants to redistribute wealth, but he is on tape advocating that very practice. He also admitted as much to Joe the Plumber during the campaign.

Still he marches on, untethered by conventional wisdom and immune to traditional scrutiny and I, for one, am left scratching my head as to precisely why. What forces are at play that could have allowed this truly "Manchurian Candidate" to have progressed this far and this fast? Why are so many in our own media running interference for him? What are the depths of this cabal that is poised to remake our nation into that which long-standing patriots will not recognize?

There are serious questions about Obama's legitimacy being posed by legal minds such as Orly Taitz, but the waving of a piece of worthless paper seems to be sufficient for far too many people and alleged news folk like Chris Matthews. If Obama's birth certificate were so easily attainable that Hardball's Chris Matthews could cavalierly wave it in front of the camera, why would Obama retain the services of three law firms and spend nearly a million dollars to keep the document locked away in a vault in Hawaii?

Motive-seekers may earnestly look for a correlation between the Ayers/Wright connections and that of radical Islam, and that would be an understandable quest, considering the ramifications. This blog's explanation is to suggest that the proponents of the radical alteration of the very structure of the United States of America are so adamant in their desire to effect their version of Utopia that they do not consider the motives of their alleged allies, blithely accepting the allegiance of enemies to forward their agenda.

The saying says that politics make strange bedfellows. I make no certain claims where the motives of our new president are concerned, but I do wonder perpetually. Actions and reactions are witnessed by all but only the intellectually blind refuse to see, and one must wonder if love of country has been replaced by a desire for the unattainable perfection of the Marxist ideal. Do people now require the experience of actual misery before they even recognize its existence? Has history been so neglected that its lessons have become moot?

All of this has obviously not been lost on Barack Hussein Obama, who has seized on the opportunity to become the nation's historical conqueror, he who managed what no army has been capable of doing. How long has this plot been in incubation? At what point do the citizens of this still great nation realize that the fantastical ruminations of a few are actually the reality they have long dreaded? When will people awake to the realization that their freedoms are gone?

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