Thursday, September 17, 2009

Smelling The Coffee

Rasmussen reports that 53% of Americans are opposed to health care overhauls, and the Democrats remain determined to march forward. Tea Party protests draw ever larger and more diverse crowds, and Democrats continue to rally around Obama's socialist vision for America. Joe Wilson reaches the breaking point at a joint session presidential address and Democrats launch into tirades of outrage and retribution, which also spawns a disgusting series of accusations of racism against patriots who refuse to be tread upon.

For weeks this vitriol and argumentativeness has gone on, and it now appears that the only people who actually had an inkling as to what was being planned have been those "racists" and "domestic terrorists". The elected officials we sent to represent us haven't had the time or acumen to discern that which they were advocating, but a handful of intrepid journalists and citizens managed to digest it and have been shouting from the rooftops that it was all a bad idea. Oh yeah...Joe Wilson also read the bill. Ain't life funny?

Now, with sudden cognizance, some Democrats have been acquainted with the Max Baucus (D-MT) version of the bill, and they are in a sort of slow-motion revolt. Many in the "party of the little guy" *cough* have been alarmed at the methods by which Baucus would fund this deadly endeavor. True to socialist form, Baucus wants anyone with a "cadillac policy" to be taxed on their benefits.

From the AP article:

To pay for the 10-year, $856 billion bill Baucus wants to tax high-value insurance plans, those worth $21,000 for a family and $8,000 for an individual. Baucus says those are "Cadillac plans" enjoyed by a small minority of Americans. Aides said about 10 percent of plans and 8 percent of taxpayers could be affected.
Consider that Baucus wants to penalize anyone who can afford a "cadillac plan" by forcefully making them fund the plans of the "poor". Then consider the Canadian model, which prohibits the private payment for treatment due to its inherent "unfairness" factor. Then add the two together and see what your equation yields.

So now Congressional Democrats - fully aware of the toxic future that awaits them next election cycle - are furiously backing away from this type of plan. There can be no denying, however, of their completely socialist ideology and disregard for the rights of the individual. They want to make this happen at any cost, and they don't care because the cost will be to anonymous individuals, never coming in close proximity to their own substantial bank accounts.

To be certain, there is a level of glee as I write this, attributed to the hope that no matter what the motivations of these politicians, I am encouraged at the dissent being exhibited. If they manage to fumble this particular football, original intent will naturally take a back seat.

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