Monday, September 14, 2009

Gulliver Rises

For too long now, liberals have enjoyed the green pastures made possible by the reticence of the right to engage in the battle, giving them a false sense of might. As their Lilliputian swagger has made them drunk with the misguided notion that the world is theirs to rule, and while they have deluded themselves into believing that they have become a majority, they have succeeded in awakening a giant who remained silent for as long as he could bear.

The election of a virtual unknown in Barack Obama further enhanced this false impression that somehow, most of America was ready to roll over and be crushed. Then something remarkable happened; the giant awoke, effortlessly snapping the puny twine that held him to the ground. Predictably, the Lilliputians have reacted with fear and slung arrows, which have only bounced off of the intended target.

As the White House and Congressional Democrats flail feebly at the Tea Party folks, using every vile tactic to get them to shut up, the suddenly-vocal have used that fear as the fuel to keep them growing stronger. Accusations of racism are harmlessly batted aside, having no effect at all on the accused, and denigration is a tactic that has become completely ineffective. The tools of the leftist agenda have become obsolete, and they have no time to design new ones. The giant has risen.

Just as the Lilliputians thought that surely Gulliver would angrily vent his rage by stomping them all to smithereens and destroying their village, liberals are afraid of the Tea Party movement. This is because they truly believe that we are out to destroy all that they have attempted to create. That is true, to a large degree, but it is not out of anger; it is because we want to pull all of the wayward ships back to safety and give the people back their country.

This giant is a benevolent one. He's just portrayed in a different light by the true enemy of America, and while he is by no means new to this land, he is indeed new to this time. Slumber has been long, and the cobwebs thick, but as the giant slowly regains a cognizance of his current landscape and the scales of unconsciousness fall away, a renewal of righteous things will begin to emerge.

Tea Party goers, take heart...yours is not nearly a futile endeavor. A faint heart at this critical juncture may well be your undoing, as that is precisely the goal of our political foe. Do not be duped into believing that yours is a wasted enterprise. The level of alarm should be more than enough evidence of that simple fact.

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