Thursday, September 24, 2009

Palestine In Pittsburgh

Forgive the misleading title, as I was unable to resist the alliterative title combined with the correlation to rock throwing. That being said, the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh has already drawn out the crazed, anti-capitalist anarchists who will no doubt be spared the scrutiny and ridicule heaped upon those "Tea Baggers" from two weeks ago. The alleged grievances by this group will either be portrayed as somehow legitimate, or the media will melt down in trying to advance their agenda while protecting their king, Obama.

In fact, the press has already tried to distance the president from the protests ongoing prior to his arrival, giving the impression that he was bravely entering the land of hostility and turmoil. See the quote from the AP:

"The march turned chaotic at just about the time that President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama arrived for a meeting with leaders of the world's major economies."
How that is so reminiscent of the "hazards" now Secretary Clinton faced on the tarmac in Bosnia so many years ago. While Hillary Clinton's "ordeal" was entirely fabricated, however, Obama and his state run media have the benefit of actual photography and footage to bolster the false impression of peril. I predict that Obama will have a photo-op, Messianic moment of assuaging the crowd of protesters while legitimizing their mission.

The only difficulty they will face is the question of true anarchists, though, who theoretically should be more at odds with Obama than they would have been with any other president in history. The conundrum lies in conflicting factions of ideology. While the anarchists are against virtually any form of government, Obama is actively attempting to turn people into genuine slaves of the state.

Then again, both the anarchists and Obama have a deep-seated loathing for capitalism, and whoever said that politics makes strange bedfellows was certainly no idiot. While I engage in pure speculation, I may not be completely off the mark if I suggest that these "free spirits" who claim to despise wealth and any form of authority are also a well organized militia whose goal is to arrive at these summits, as they have for years, to cause massive disruptions. In order to have such a concerted effort, there must be an organizational chart or, for the more savvy individual, a chain of command. Wouldn't this be an anathema to the "principle" of anarchy?

Also a prerequisite would be money which, for such a coordinated effort, would not only require the acquistion of funds but the subsequent management thereof. See the rigid structure forming in this allegedly free-wheeling group?

Compare the protests in Pittsburgh with those of Washington D.C. on September 12th. Compare the demeanor of both crowds. Compare the reports of the size of both crowds. And compare the coverage each receives. And while Obama fled the capital on 9/12 like Eva Peron, let's see if he addresses this crowd. I admit, that may be a bit of a stretch, but I am becoming less and less surprised by the audacity of Hope and Change.

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