Friday, September 18, 2009

Liar, Liar

Remember when Joe Wilson called the president a liar, and was revered for it by the left? No, not the Congressman Joe Wilson...the former ambassador Joe Wilson. The man who went on a "fact-finding" mission to Nigeria to find about that yellow cake uranium that then-President Bush mentioned in a State of the Union speech. The man who claimed that Bush lied, and "proved it" by vacationing in Nigeria for a week.

Granted, he didn't accuse Bush of lying in the House chamber, and this Joe Wilson is not an elected official, but Democrats held him up as a hero for "outing the Bush lies". He was not chastised for calling the president a liar. Nor was the former vice president, Al Gore, taken to task for shrieking that Bush "betrayed this country".

But Rep. Joe Wilson, in a brief moment of passion for which he quickly apologized - and one in which he was quite correct in his accusation - has been raked over the coals and dragged through the mud. He's been accused of racism simply for demanding honesty from the president.

And yet, in the midst of all that angst, Obama quickly moved to provide that illegal aliens would not be covered, something he lied about in his speech to a joint session of Congress. It is reminiscent of the non-existent "death panels" being likewise removed from the health care proposal. Ambassador Joe Wilson never had that sort of vindication, but it didn't stop the left from hailing him as a giant slayer. Congressman Joe Wilson is simply a victim of being on the wrong side of the aisle; the Right.

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