Monday, September 14, 2009

We The People Spoke

We The People Spoke
(A first hand account of the 912 March on DC)
I am not a terrorist. I am not normally an activist. I have never attended any kind of a protest in my life...until now! I’m simply an American, concerned about the direction this new leadership is trying to take my country. So, I decided to step out of my box, and into helping my nation go down a new path. My first steps were right down Pennsylvania Avenue on Saturday morning. From the moment we arrived at the staging area, and saw hundreds of thousands of likeminded people already assembling 3 hours before the March was scheduled to start, I knew I was in the right place, at the right time. There were so many of us, far more than a million…probably closer to 2 million, that the DC police, requested to march begin a full hour early, because the streets were so congested, and they had nowhere else to go.

When we arrived in Washington DC, we began meeting people at our hotel, that were there for the same reason. While we all got there by different modes, some flew in, some rode their motorcycles, some came on buses, and some drove all the way across the nation. But we all came for the same reason….to take our country back, and to save it from the wrong direction. We were black and white, young (many with their children), and old. We were independents, republicans, and yes, even plenty of democrats. This was a wide representation of what real America is. We all were here to express our freedom of speech, and demand our constitution be followed, and our nation remains, of the people, for the people. No one organized us to come, and no one paid our way. We were there, because we knew we needed to be there.

I cannot even begin to express the emotions going through me, as I marched down the street, will a million of my fellow citizens, toward our Capitol. I was proud, and I was overwhelmed with patriotism, and
Love for my country. We held our signs high, we chanted for real change, and no more bail-outs. We sang, “God Bless America”. And we thanked each other for coming. It was a peaceful march, the entire way. These people were here, not to cause any trouble, but instead they were here to voice their demands that our government give us the true representation we were afforded by our wise founders in our constitution.
We were there to be heard. Now, while Obama and Company, and their bought and paid for media still insist on denying the true numbers and the impact of our march, I know full well that the showing we made there Saturday must have them very concerned about their own futures, as they should be. We do not only march, but we also vote. And we will be cleaning house next year, in the mid-term elections.

When we reached the Capitol, I looked back, and as far as I could see, all way back down Pennsylvania Ave. behind me, it was still wall-to-wall citizens, marching behind me. My heart swelled with pride. The sleeping giants…the true American patriots had finally awakened, and they were ready to take back their government. As we gathered at the capital….we could not get very close, because it was so crowed, but no one pushed or shoved, or got irritable. Everyone was pleasant, courteous, and eager to listen to the speakers. There were no big headline speakers scheduled. We didn’t need them. But, be sure…we were not really there to hear them. We were the speakers, and that march spoke volumes. We must never stop speaking up for our rights and freedoms, and demanding our constitution be followed to the letter. It has made us the greatest country on earth. It was time to take our country back, and we are doing it. Most all of us agree that there is always room for change, and improvement, but we must follow the letter of the law. And we must always listen to what the people want. We are not a nation that needs to be controlled. Not now, not ever. Real change is coming! People are getting involved!

We the people spoke!

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edgycater said...

I was also there. It was an incredible experience. I have posted a bunch of pictures at:

Woody said...

Great pics and even better signs, Edgycater. SleeplessByTheSea is a great patriot and a great friend I've yet to meet. I'm always happy when she writes to this blog.